Easy Flossing Tips from Your Colorado Springs Dentist 


Did you know that only 30 percent of Americans floss once a day? This habit can be challenging to adopt into your daily life, but once you do, you’ll notice a remarkable change in your dental health and an improvement in your smile. This is because flossing is the only effective way to clean between your teeth.  


Keep reading to learn some easy flossing tips from your favorite Colorado Springs dentist!  


Create Manageable Goals 


As with any habit, you want to start with goals that are easy for you to reach first. Instead of trying to floss once a day, opt for a more reachable goal, such as once a week. Once this is easy for you to achieve, extend your goal to once every few days, and then once a day!  


These easy goals keep you from burning out and keep you motivated. 


Use Different Tools 


Is it difficult or painful for you to use regular waxed floss? If so, there are several other tools we recommend you try to make it as easy as possible for you. Dental tape is good to use if you have teeth that are tightly packed together. Water flossers are easier to hold and are particularly useful if you have braces.  


Floss picks are an excellent option for people who find it hard to hold traditional floss.  


Try Different Locations 


Lastly, do you find that it’s hard to floss at night in the bathroom when you’re exhausted and ready for bed? If so, try putting your floss in areas of your home, car, or workplace where it’s easier for you, such as by the couch or by your desk.  


When you see the floss, you’ll be reminded and prompted to use it. It might also be easier for you to get into the habit while you’re distracted by the television.   


Schedule an Appointment With Your Colorado Springs Dentist 


At your cleaning appointments every six months, your dentist will brush your teeth, polish them, and floss your teeth. They’ll also apply fluoride so that your teeth are protected and strengthened until your dental appointment.  


If you’re struggling with flossing, we can provide you with tips, tools, and advice to help you improve your dental hygiene at home. Ready to schedule an appointment with a Colorado Springs dentist who cares? Contact us today


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